I’m Jackie Beim, a posture coach and swimming teacher based in north London. My aim is to help you move more freely, on land, in the water, and everywhere you go. My background is in the Alexander Technique, and I’m a fully qualified Shaw Method of swimming teacher too.

Move well

on land

Good posture can improve everything you do, from the simple everyday movements such as walking and sitting down, to exercising and working at a desk

in the water

Working on the way you feel about the water goes hand in hand with practices that foster good alignment in the pool: together they can transform the way you swim


Improving body movement, posture and alignment can have a transformative effect on everything from the way you interact with your phone(!) to your overall wellbeing

What my pupils say

For as long as I can remember, I have been trying to learn to swim and was about to give up when I met Jackie. The progress I have made never ceases to amaze me, therefor, my advice to anyone considering swimming lessons is ‘just do it’. It was the best investment I ever made.

BJMSwimming pupil

Jackie is simply a wonderful teacher. She put me at my ease straight away. She understands the psychology of the swimmer and helps remove all the unhelpful blockages that get in the way of learning to swim properly. I can now do the front craw and breathe properly as well.

CDSwimming pupil